Welcome to DK Medical Systems Co., Ltd. homepage.
This is CEO DK Medical Systems Joon Hyuk Lee.

I am very glad to greet you through our internet homepage. I especially would like to thank our customers for showing us such a great love and trust to our company and product.

DK Medical Systems Co., Ltd. was established on the 1st of September. 1992 with determination to contribute to national healthcare and medical industries by providing the best medical equipment under respect, sincerity and solidarity philosophy. We have been developed to a professional radiology manufacturer which always listens to customers and considers customer satisfaction as highest value.

We will do our best to produce the most reliable medical equipment based on faith and integrity to our customer. Also, we will make a greater effort to be a foundation of Korean medical industries by developing the most advanced systems base on constant challenging spirit and R&D

Once again, thank you for visiting our homepage. We will show you DK Medical Systems Co., Ltd. develops more and more.